After we started a partnership with Toppigeons about 3 years ago, the idea arose to organize a new event together
by combining the best on both the program flights and the marathon flights.

The 1st edition was already a resounding success with an unprecedented yield and plenty of international interest, unfortunately the 2nd edition is in 2021
continued in an "online" version due to the corona because an event like this was not possible at that time.

Fortunately, in March 2022 we have returned to the position that we could still organize a hall event, at the end of 2021 and beginning
2022, which we had previously set our sights on, turned out to be too early and not feasible, but luckily now anyway.

And now Saturday evening March 12th we can conclude that it has once again become a great success, with plenty of interest from
abroad and with a total yield of no less than: 281.900 euros as a final result.

Tomorrow will be the 2nd day of the Pearls of the Sky, then it will be the turn of the marathon pigeons of our partners Toppigeons
again with an unprecedented class that is offered.


  1. C. & G. Koopman - 43.200 euro
  2. Team GPS – 36.000 euros
  3. Jan Hooymans – 29.400 euros
  4. J. & F. Hendriks – 12.000 euros
  5. Comb. Fokkinga – 12.000 euros
  6. Team GPS – 12.000 euros
  7. Team GPS – 10.200 euros
  8. Team GPS – 6.600 euros
  9. Team Bakker – 6.000 euros
  10. Comb. Fokkinga – 5.520 euros

In addition to the success of the auction, we are also very happy with the support for Ukraine, the lots literally flew around the ears.
together with Sunday will hopefully yield a nice final amount.

On behalf of the entire GPS Auctions, we thank all participants / bidders and buyers because we couldn't realize all of this.