• Who or what is GPS-Auctions?
    GPS is the largest pigeon auction house in the Netherlands and a major player on the international market. And this before meer than 15 years.
    We die of collecting top pigeons, which we then try to sell through our website, in the hope that our customers (read; buyers)
    can win matches.

What do you need to know?

  • Why do I have to create a profile?
    You must create an auction profile in order to place a bid in one of our online auctions.
    After your registration, your profile must first be approved by our employees, only then can you bid. 
  • How do I create an account?
    You can find this information in detail on the “Information” page or click on “Login” on the “Home” page.
  • Why can't you bid until your account has been approved?
    Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that "fake" profiles are created and both you and us can be approached with this.
    We try to keep this under control as much as possible.
  • I have forgotten my username or password, what now?
    You can request your password again via the “login” page. This will then be sent to your registered e-mail address.

  • How do I place a bid?
    If you are logged in, you can click on 'Bid Now' within an auction and you can place a bid there.
    Option 1: a "only" bid so for example you bid 120 euros after someone bid 100 euros.
    Option 2: a “buy order” this is a bid of e.g. 120 euros (up to 500 euros), which means that with a counter offer of e.g. 200 euros, you automatically
    highest bidder remains until your bid of 500 euros is outbid. If you encounter any problems with this, please contact us.

  • Will I be notified of my offer?
    After you have placed a bid, you will receive an email in your mailbox, containing the confirmation. You will also be notified here if your bid is outbid
    of, so that you can can place a bid again. However, we are not liable if no e-mail is received, this can be done by a
    defective network or poor reception, or because it ends up in your “Spam” box, so always keep an eye on your account.
  • How long does an auction last?
    An auction lasts a week in 99% of the cases. A ticket sale may deviate from this.
  • Is it possible to see the pigeons in real life?
    This is possible by appointment after contacting us, provided the pigeons are already on location. In addition, we try to get as broad a picture as possible of the
    pigeon, by means of a photo, pedigree card, description, inspection report and possibly. video.

  • Is the gender of the pigeon / pigeons, as stated on the website, 100% guaranteed?
    We strive for it, but we cannot give that 100% guarantee, especially with youngsters it is sometimes difficult to estimate.

  • Bid time will be extended if…..
    Someone places a bid in the last 10 minutes of the sale. The running time will then be extended by 10 minutes,
    Even if there is bid again within that time, the time will go along with this. This gives you enough time to still place a counter offer.

  • Do I pay VAT?
    No, the pigeon that you bought for eg 1000 euros, is also the amount that you pay (excl. transport). This is because we fall within the so-called margin scheme.

My Auctions

  • Where can I find my profile information?
    You can find this as soon as you are logged in, under the heading “My Account”.
  • Where can I see which bids I have placed?
    As soon as you are logged in and you have placed bids, you can see this in your account, under the heading “My Account”.
  • Where can I find an overview of my purchases?
    You will also see this under “My Account”, here you can also find the data of your purchased pigeons, such as pedigree card, photo, possibly. extra information.


  • Payment term
    You must pay your purchase within 14 days, the pigeon can only be picked up when it is fully paid, even with a possible. transport to
    a desired address, the pigeon must first be paid.
  • Payment & Cost (Credit card, PayPal & We-Chat / AliPay)
    With this method of payment there are additional surcharges, which are applied by the organization you use.
    This will be immediately included in an online payment.


  • How do I get my pigeon / pigeons home?
    You can always pick it up yourself by appointment or you can engage a courier / carrier. The costs of this are for the account of the
    buyer. Meer information about transport can be found on our “contact & agents” page.

What if?

  • Sick pigeons.
    If a pigeon appears to be ill upon receipt, you must inform us of this within 24 hours of receipt.
    It can of course happen that a pigeon is not 100% fit, after a (long-term) transport.

  • What if a pigeon is not fertilized?
    We try to refuse pigeons that run the risk of being or becoming "barren", we pay attention to the age, vitality
    and general condition. In case of any doubt he / they are not sold or are asked for a "young" (with DNA) to determine
    that it is still fertile, shortly before the sale. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee this if they end up in a new environment.
    In the unlikely event that a pigeon does not fertilize, you must report this to us within 2 months.

  • Pigeon died during transport.
    If a pigeon turns out to be dead upon delivery, we would like to receive photos and email them to us or something similar.
    In addition, we ask you to return the: original ring, proof of ownership and pedigree to GPS.