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    Grandioze verkoop 0617 Duivensportcentrum Borne

    Grandioze verkoop 0617 Duivensportcentrum Borne

    Ends: 09-12-2022 19:30

    Grandiose sale 0617 Duivensportcentrum Borne   There will be another hall sale on Sunday 11 December, starting at 13.30 pm.  

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    P.V. de Vredesduif, Sappemeer

    P.V. de Vredesduif, Sappemeer

    Ends: 09-12-2022 20:00

    Voucher sales: 0125 PV de Vredesduif in Sappemeer   This year our association exists 65 years! Nav This jubilee we as an association are organizing a coupon sale. We are a lively and large association, based in Sappemeer. The proceeds of this auction will be used entirely for the maintenance of the club building and grounds.   There will be no final/venue sale, so this auction will only be held online.

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    P.V. de Griffioen - Oosterwolde

    P.V. de Griffioen – Oosterwolde

    Ends: 09-12-2022 20:00

    Voucher sale for PV de Griffioen in Oosterwolde, the strongest association 2022 of Friesland '96 department. There is no final auction in the hall, so the internet buyer is also the owner. Settlement will take place immediately after the auction. A select number of vouchers from some absolute top fanciers from our country!

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    P.V. “De Koerier” uit Buitenpost

    P.V. “De Koerier” uit Buitenpost

    Ends: 09-12-2022 20:30

    PV “The Courier” from Buitenpost is a club located in the northeast of Friesland. The association currently consists of approximately 20 playing members. The current club was founded in 1960 after the first association was dissolved in 1959. It has been performing well for years and meermany other fanciers can be found among the champions in large numbers for many years. The members of “De Koerier” play in Rayon “De Wâlden” and Samenspel “De Eenheid”. These are very strong game associations in which mutual competition can be called very great. There is then a weekly battle with the enthusiasts from Harkema, Burgum, Ee and Zwaagwesteinde. To be able to compete well, your pigeons must come from a good family. The club has now organized a grandiose coupon sale with fantastic donations. An excellent opportunity for everyone to strengthen the loft! The internet sale ends on Friday 9 December. The final auction will take place on Saturday 10 December in the club building at De Vaart 10a Buitenpost (subject of course to a possible bird flu or Corona outbreak)

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    P.V. “Op Eigen Wjukken” - Kollum

    P.V. “Op Eigen Wjukken” – Kollum

    Ends: 09-12-2022 21:00

    Voucher sales PV “On Own Wjukken” Kollum.   Great commitments have been made for this auction by top racers, both locally and from all over the Netherlands. To give your pigeon stock a "boost" from this, you can from 1 Dec. through Dec. 9. 21:00 bidding on one or meerany of your choices from the list. There is no final sale in the hall. The benefits benefit our activities and maintenance association accommodation. Thanks to the donors. Good luck with your purchase.   contact Email: [email protected] contact person: Abele Dijkstra tel. 06-11530483

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    P.V. de Postduif - Wormerveer

    P.V. de Postduif – Wormerveer

    Ends: 09-12-2022 21:30

    PV de Postduif Wormerveer is celebrating its 100th anniversary, but this could never have been the case without the voucher donors and voucher buyers, who give the association a warm heart every year, for which we thank you. CAUTION: only the late youngsters (Buy 1 to 12) are still sold in the hall. This will happen on Saturday 10 December During our exhibition/Party Afternoon around 17:00 PM

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    P.V. de Gevleugelde Vrienden - Wapenveld

    P.V. de Gevleugelde Vrienden – Wapenveld

    Ends: 16-12-2022 20:00

    Voucher sale of pv Winged Friends Wapenveld   Our association has 36 members and is located in the Gelderland village of Wapenveld. We compete in the Northeast region of department 8. In 2023 our association will be 75 years old, and after 35 years the rent of our pigeon room has been canceled. With this coupon sale we try to strengthen ourselves financially to look for another local. We would like to thank everyone who donated a voucher!

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    P.V. Deuteren - Den Bosch

    P.V. Deuteren – Den Bosch

    Ends: 16-12-2022 20:30

    PV Deuteren from 's-Hertogenbosch is organizing a nice coupon sale this year that will take place via the GPS Auctions site. This is to be able to support the association again. It looks like this year again during a real exhibition of the pigeons on the weekend of 16 to 18 December 2022. We present the coupons here at this sale on the GPS Auctions site. You can here on these fantastic vouchers or pigeons from renommeerthe pigeon fanciers. Finally, it will be closed on Sunday with a room sale around 14:00 pm We would like to thank our donors for their gesture. As an association, we appreciate that very much. Have fun bidding on these fantastic coupons and pigeons and good luck with that. Grab your chance to strengthen your loft. Auction committee PV Deuteren

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    P.V. De Luchtklievers - Haps

    P.V. De Luchtklievers – Haps

    Ends: 16-12-2022 21:00

    PV De Luchtklievers from Haps celebrates its 75th anniversary.   On January 3, 1947, racing pigeon club De Luchtklievers was founded. A small cozy club with great achievements, the club consists of a number of program players and a number of marathon players. This year has really been a top year for our club with three national toppers, for example Gerrit van der Linden won the national championships 1st NPO Best Ace Pigeon Allround with his 'Sam-Mace' 19-4070434 and 12th Best fancier NPO nominated.   This year we as an association still had its national champion, Wiel van Daal 4th NPO Marathon Designated become. Furthermore, Wheel 24th NPO Marathon Not nominated finished. Wiel races his pigeons on widowhood and these pigeons 19-4070684 and 17-4041090 have often ensured his top prizes. Piet Arts should certainly also be mentioned, although he falls just outside the National top 10 with the 11th NPO Marathon Not nominated. Piet again finished in the top 10 of the National Grandmasters this year, this year the 5th place Grandmaster Marathon.   I therefore dare to say that as a small association from Haps we are not doing badly and are among the best associations in the Netherlands this year. In honor of our 75th anniversary we are organizing a coupon sale, in this coupon sale there are Dutch champions, nationally from our region and from our own club of course!

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    Bonnen/Duivenverkoop HABRU - t.b.v. Stichting Bergh in het Zadel 2022

    Bonnen/Duivenverkoop HABRU – t.b.v. Stichting Bergh in het Zadel 2022

    Ends: 17-12-2022 20:00

    Auction for Cancer Fighting by Habru   Supported by the enormous success of the previous editions, Habru again did everything possible to auction a super collection of pigeons and coupons for charity. Due to all the Corona vicissitudes, an Internet auction has been chosen and Habru once again links the proceeds to the Berg In Het Zadel Foundation! Many icons from the pigeon sport selflessly agreed to cooperate and donated a voucher or a pigeon … because the proceeds go to cancer research, without deduction of costs. Support a good cause and strengthen your loft with one of the diamonds in this top auction GPS-Auctions!   In auction pigeons and vouchers of international greats. Albert Derwa (BE) Andre Siegerink (NL) Eijerkamp-Paalman (NL) Bart & Nance Van Oeckel (BE) Bart Geerinckx (BE) Bas & Gerard Verkerk (NL) Bert Bloemert (NL) Bram ten Klei (NL) Coen Brugman ( NL) Comb. Derksen-Van De Keuken (NL) Comb. Huigens-VD Mill (NL) Comb. van Wanrooij (NL) Op De Beeck-Baetens (BE) Dennis van Toor (NL) Diego Wouters/Wolvers-Van 't Oever (NL) Eddy Grootjans (BE) Enrico & Wendy Doldersum (NL) Erik Limbourg (BE) Fernand Marien (BE) First Prize Pigeons (NL) Irmer & Son (Ger) Comb. Steffl (Germany) Gero Dijk (NL) Gert Van De Bogaard (NL) Beute-Hansen (NL) Gobel van der Sluis (NL) Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp (NL) Comb. Huisman (NL) Harry van Boxmeer (NL) Hennie La Grouw (NL) Henrik Meldgaard (DAN) Hilbert & Rick Doldersum (NL) Hubert Borker (Ger) Hubert Debaene (BE) Huub Hermans (NL) Jaap Schut Top Total Pigeons (NL) Jan Grootoonk (NL) Jan Hooymans (NL) Jan Morsink (NL) Jan Nijboer (NL) Jelger Klinkenberg (NL) Jelle Jellema (NL) Jeroen van Heumen (NL) Kobe & Kato Herbots (BE) Jos Thoné (BE) Lucie & Henk Scheffel (NL) M & C. Hansen (DAN) Marco Braspenning (NL) Van Der Kruk/Van Tuil (NL) Menne & Daughters (Germany) Nico de Fouw (NL) Nico Jan Koenders (NL) Olivier Eschenberg (Germany) Gebr. Herbots (BE) Reinald Evers (NL) Rien & Bas Weijers (NL) Prestige Project (NL) Samir Begovic (NL) Thibault Seifert (BE) Stefaan Lambrechts (BE) Team GPS (NL) Team van de Pasch (NL) Toni Taskovic (NL) Verweij-De Haan (NL) Willi Linsen (Ger) W. Geurtz & Zn (NL) Ype Hemstra (NL) Paul McBurnie (DAN) Bert & Marco Braspenning (NL) Stef Bals (NL)   In addition to this great list of donors, there will soon be an auction with a number of vouchers / pigeons from IRELAND & ENGLAND, who also support the good cause. These donors will be:  Cahill Family Gordon Brothers Jackpot Lofts Les Carter Ronnie & Tracey Nicklin Tom & Enda Kelly Sheldon Leonard / FBI