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    Leon Dautzenberg

    Leon Dautzenberg

    Ends: 27-11-2022 13:00

    Leon Dautzenberg from Kerkrade has been working hard for years. His passion is to breed new top pigeons from top pigeons. And that goes well for him. His breeding loft includes the following pigeons: Children "Harry", "New Harry", "Beauty Harry", etc. But also children of: "Porsche 911", "National Harry", "Golden Prince", etc. These investments are definitely starting to pay off. Both in their own loft and in other lofts, the performances are skyrocketing. If you want to play at the top like Leon, then you should definitely keep an eye on this auction. We wish the buyers in advance good luck with the purchased pigeons.  

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    Göbel - van der Sluis Part 1

    Göbel – van der Sluis Part 1

    Ends: 27-11-2022 13:30

    These 2 great vets are known worldwide. Of course, in the first instance because of their work. They have already helped many fanciers to get their pigeons healthy and in shape again. If you really need guidance then contact them. But in addition to their active work, they are also passionate pigeon fanciers. Both Hans as Stephan been on the road for years. Their colony is built up with pigeons from Leo Heremans, G. & S. Verkerk, Willem de Bruijn, Gerard Koopman, etc.   They only bought pigeons from their very best. Through GPS-Auctions now you get the chance to get something special at home. Also be sure to look buy 1 & 2. These kind of pigeons will never be meer offered. Hans & Stephen wish the buyers in advance good luck with their purchased pigeons !!!!!

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    Breedingloft VOF - Beb de Ruijter

    Breedingloft VOF – Beb de Ruijter

    Ends: 27-11-2022 14:00

    As of 2011 has Beb de Ruyter, owner of the Golden Heremans Collection, regularly visited the lofts in Vorsselaar Belgium to get the best of the best of the Leo Heremans pigeons to take home. Due to his busy work, however, he did not have time to participate in the competition flights himself. A combination was sought in which the pigeons of the Golden Heremans Collection could be tested. The combination was found with the brothers Hans and Stefan Thijssen and soon many became 1e awards and Teletext quotations under the name Thijssen/deRuijter. At the end of 2017, this combination had to stop due to health reasons and the combination with John Ruttenberg was started and flew under the name Ruttenberg/de Ruijter. Inimitable results with series of top pigeons, meerother Teletext quotations and Ace pigeons in the Province 7. 2020  2e undesignated and 24e designated Short Distance champion Department 7 A1 2e undesignated and 12e designated middle distance champion Department 7 2e Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Department 7 A1 5e Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Department 7 2e Ace Pigeon Late Tour Province 7 3e National loft champion middle distance.   2021      2e undesignated and 6e designated Short Distance champion Province 7 1e undesignated and 13e designated Natour champion Department 7 Only the Short Distance and the Natour were played   2022 was also another great year!!!!!   GOLDEN ROSSI son NEW DREAMPAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Father 1st against 3.305 pigeons grandfather many 1st prize winners and ace pigeons, below is an example 1st Super Ace Pigeon Yearlings Toury Woubrechtegem 2018 1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings Toury Woubrechtegem 2018 1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings Groot Verbond 2018 22nd National Ace Pigeon Belgium old middle distance KBDB 2019 Grandfather 1st Chateraoux against 485 pigeons - 491 km Grandfather 6th Provincial Chateraoux against 4.800 pigeons - 491 km Only a very small selection of the achievements of children and grandchildren, the offspring of GOLDEN ROSSI coupled to LIZETH (sister of Nieuwe OLYMPIADE) is unprecedentedly good.   LADY ROSSI daughter NEW DREAMPAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mother TURBO ROSSI 2013-1829067 Currently super breeder at H & EJ Eijerkamp 5x 1st Ensemble B Prov. Friesland 1/4483 1/1951 1/1832 1/1191 1/811 8/1028 12/1549 Mother NICE GUY 1/4356 1/4252 1/1953 etc Grandmother 1st Provincial Chimay against 11,156 pigeons 7th Provincial Weert against 10,192 pigeons 10th Provincial Quievrain against 19,075 pigeons 8th National Ace Pigeon youngsters middle distance PIPA 5th NPO Troyes against 3,836 pigeons 5th NPO Melun against 1,295 pigeons 16th NPO Peronne against 5,900 pigeons 1st Tienen against 3,977 pigeons 10 pigeons 4,152th Tienen against 12 pigeons 2,469th Geel against 27 pigeons 1,292th Quievrain against 7 pigeons 4,152th NPO Peronne against 17 pigeons 5,900st Budel against 1 pigeons 4,332st Niergnies against 1 pigeons 6,729nd Quievrain against 2 pigeons 6,209th Prov. Niergnies against 10,065 pigeons 7th Quievrain against 3,325 pigeons 8th Prov Niergnies against 6,829 pigeons Great-grandmother of: 9th National Ace Pigeon Sprint WHZB 2019 1st Rhisnes against 8,079 pigeons 1st Bierges against 2,030 pigeons 1st Quievrain against 2,053 pigeons 1st Quievrain against 1,954 pigeons 1st Dreis 1,561 B. pigeons 1st Quievrain against 1,210 pigeons 1st Chimay against 1,135 pigeons The performances above have only been flown in the Netherlands, the performances in Belgium and the UK are huge and endless, frequent 1st prize winners, ace pigeons and FED winners in all circumstances

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    Henk Douna

    Henk Douna

    Ends: 27-11-2022 14:30

    Henk Douna from Donkerbroek, child at home Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp, offers 12 youngsters from his very small breeding loft. Boy from mainly direct Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp pigeons supplemented with a top hen from Olympic Marjolein of Meindert de Jong and some of Comb. Mantel and Gebr. Homa.   The breeding loft includes direct children of Bold Blue Jackpot, Olympic Hans, Luka Modirc, Flush, Calisto, Viton and Gucci Grizzle.   In this sale no less than three children of the super breeding hen “daughter Olympic Marjolein” associated with this year son Luka Modric. “Daughter Olympic Marjolein” already gave many top pigeons! But also two children from that other top breeder Smokey Jackpot which is a son of the super sire Bold Blue Jackpot at Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp you will find in this sale. Also buy 5 & 6 from son Olympic Hans times daughter Calisto may be very sure, this year a lot of success with three children from here! Some results from last year, only flown with 26 old pigeons and 33 young pigeons. With the exception of the one day long distance, they participate in all races. Last year Henk managed to classify himself no less than 12x in the top ten of the result of province Friesland '96.   A very small anthology from last year: 1e Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint PIPA 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint NPO 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint PIPA 1st + 2nd NPO Dizy le Gros (409 km) 5.591 pigeons 1st NPO Etroeungt (365 km) 4.645 pigeons 1st + 2nd Prov. Boxmeer (152 km) 12.927 pigeons 1st Prov. Champion not nominated sprint in province 11 Friesland '96 1stProv. Champion designated vitesse in 11 Friesland '96 1st Prov. Champion not nominated Natour in province 11 Friesland '96 1st Prov. Champion designated Natour in province 11 Friesland '96 2nd Prov. Champion not nominated general short division 11 Friesland '96 3rd Prov. Champion not nominated youngsters in province 11 Friesland '96 1st Superstar sprint May Golden Pigeon 1st Champion youngsters Frisian Fonclub 7th Nat. Champion not nominated sprint NPO 7th Nat. Champion nominated vitesse NPO 5 x 1st Grandmaster Track of Champions   Championships district Frisia East 2022 1st not nominated loft sprint 1st designated loft sprint 2nd pigeon champion sprint with Ireen 2nd not nominated loft middle distance 1st not nominated loft youngsters 1st designated loft youngsters 1st pigeon champion youngsters with Frisia 3rd pigeon champion youngsters 1st not nominated loft natour 1st designated loft natour 1st pigeon champion natour with Magic Girl 4th pigeon champion natour with Thijsje 5th pigeon champion natour with Mystiek   Partly due to the achievement of the above results (all in 2022!!) Henk is sometimes called the Wizard of Donkerbroek! For extensive information and the many references about Henk's pigeons, see his website www.henkdouna.nl   For the first time in the pigeon sport on its own two feet! From 1973 flown together with senior and then from 1987 for 34 years with neighbor and now ex-partner Dolf van der Stouwe. Now, from November 2020, a new start on a small scale. I will compete with a maximum of 12 racing couples. My preference is for the vitesse and middle distance races. There will be very limited or even no participation in the one day long distance.   Henk writes this on his own site. Henk & Dolf have always flown fast, but what Henk has achieved on his own in the past year is almost impossible. Playing so dominantly every week with a small basket is just great.   From his best pigeons are now via GPS-Auctions offered a few great youngsters. Be sure to visit this auction!!!!

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    The Jan Hooymans Collection Part 2

    The Jan Hooymans Collection Part 2

    Ends: 27-11-2022 15:00

    Jan Hooymans, the man behind the world famous "HARRY". In 2019, the "Harry" really through. He won a.o. 1. Blois 37.728p., 1. Chateauroux 22.340p., 3rd Chateaudun 21.520p., 6th Morlincourt 4.418p., 15th Strombeek 4.358p., etc.. It then became his absolute stock sire. Both in the 1., 2., & 3. generations there are top pigeons from the "Harry". Both in the lofts of Jan Hooymans but also in other lofts these pigeons perform great !!!!   In this auction 5 excellent pigeons from Jan's best: NL20-1609981, son "New Harry x Ali's Alexia". NL20-1609791, daughter Carnival Wonder x Carnivals Hali. NL18-5002925, daughter "Harry Junior x Olympic Tamara". NL16-1047672, daughter "Beauty Harry & Inbred Kannibaal". NL17-1424569, son "Inbred Harry & Sister Jan".   We wish you good luck with this auction.

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    Bart Verbeek - Geerinckx Special Part 1

    Bart Verbeek – Geerinckx Special Part 1

    Ends: 27-11-2022 15:30

    Bart Verbeek from Poppel is the branch of LBJ Geerinckx !!! There are children from all his top pigeons in the breeding loft. In the auction we find grandchildren of the following pigeons: "Gladiator", "Wittekop Sylvester", "Mermaid", "Silvy", "Sybouke", "Schoon Witpen Willyke", "Xena", "Glady", "Rapid Girl", "Limogesboy", etc. Here's a great offer to strengthen your loft with the pigeons Bart Geerinckx !!!!! Grab this opportunity with both hands.  

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    G.J. & J. de Kuiper - incl.

    G.J. & J. de Kuiper – incl. “THE GROUSE” won (7x 1. & 1.-2.-8.-9.-9. Afd/NPO)

    Ends: 27-11-2022 16:00

    This auction is all about "THE GROUSE" !!!! this top pigeon named after the fastest Pheasant in Scotland and the matching Whiskey. A pigeon that many only dream of is now for sale... via GPS-Auctions.   This pigeon won ao: 1.NPO 19.037p. 2.NPO 15.174p. 9.NPO 10.179p. 8.Prov. 6.787p. 9.Prov. 8.518p. 28.Prov. 8.586d.   But also: 1.-7.361d. 2.-5.601d. 4.-2.998d. 12.-1.613d. 12.-2.957d.   He is also (grand)father: 1.-12.302d. 2.-12.302d. 4.NPO 5.232p. 5.NPO 12.007p. 6.Sec. 14.084p. 7.NPO 8.851p. 8.NPO 8.851p. 8.Sec. 10.545d. 11.NPO 2.363p. 13.NPO 8.851p   GPS-Auctions is very proud to be able to sell this pigeon, together with other closely related family and absolute top pigeons !!!!   Who is going to get this topper????   https://youtu.be/iLxdwzGjPcU

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    Total Auction Peter Janßen - Saturday

    Total Auction Peter Janßen – Saturday

    Ends: 03-12-2022 from 13:30

    The following top pigeons from Peter Janßen finish on Saturday: "Chanty", "Golden Chanty", "Olympic Bonita", "National Olympic Bonita", "Der Beste Olympiade Clyde", "Sper Crack 917", "Son Olympic Bonnie 034", "Sister Iga", "Brother Lewy", "National Porsche 911", "Son Müller", "Son Olympic Bonnie 004", All these winners, (wet) ace pigeons and/or top breeders can be found here!    https://youtu.be/7erfxDmnziQ

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    Total Auction Peter Janßen – Sunday

    Total Auction Peter Janßen – Sunday

    Ends: 04-12-2022 from 13:30

    The following top pigeons from Peter Janßen finish on Sunday: "Daughter Porsche 911", "Olympic Porsche 008", "Judith", "Clyde Vierzon", "Sister Speedy Grizzle", "Brother Chanty", "Iga", "Mr. Charlevilles", "Brother Kaasboerin 925", "Daughter Gustavo", "Gustavo 343", "Cheese Farmer 925", "Renzi", "Bierges Man", "Daughter 5. Nat. Ace Pigeon", "Daughter Olympic Clyde". https://youtu.be/7erfxDmnziQ