6 Super Originals

6 Super Originals

Finished: 20-08-2022 13:30

Attention, in this auction a number of pigeons for sale from well-known international top fanciers and with pigeons that you see passing by every week. In this auction a daughter “Zn. Jan Junior”, orig. Leo Heremans, furthermore original pigeons from Kroger-Schumacher en Lucie v.Es, inbred “Harry”, Jan Hooymans and an original Team GPS from the best of Dirk vd Bulck. 

Average bid: 620

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  • Lot 01


    Geëindigd 20-08-2022 13:30

    From: Son "Jan Junior", top racer, son "De Jan" & daughter "Olympiade 003" x "The 081", grand daughter "Olympiade 003".

    orig. Leo Heremans.

    Winning bid: 850
    Highest offer: Peter David
  • Lot 02


    Geëindigd 20-08-2022 13:30

    From: "The 851", son "Harry", 1.-37.726b. & "Alexia", sister "Harry" x "The 044", daughter "Harry" & "Laatje 56", J. Hooymans.

    orig. Kroger-Schumacher.

    Winning bid: 800
    Highest offer: AAAAA77777
  • Lot 03


    Geëindigd 20-08-2022 13:30

    From: "Expensive Harry", son "Harry & Sister Beauty Harry" x "Xena", top breeder, daughter "Che & Madam Harry".

    orig. Lucie van Es.

    Winning bid: 500
    Highest offer: Zadid
  • Lot 04


    Geëindigd 20-08-2022 13:30

    From: "Expensive Harry", son "Harry & sister Beauty Harry" x "Venus", kl.d. "Harry & Beauty Harry", Jan Hooymans. 

    orig. Lucie van Es.


    Winning bid: 550
    Highest offer: LPJ
  • Lot 05


    Geëindigd 20-08-2022 13:30

    From: Son "Kia-Bolt", brother "Bolt", 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon & "Sister Olympic Rosita" x Grand Daughter "Kittel & sister Bolt".

    orig. Leo Xuan.

    Winning bid: 400
    Highest offer: DARREN WRIGHT
  • Lot 06


    Geëindigd 20-08-2022 13:30

    From: Son "Greipel", 6. Nat. KBDB, brother"Kittel" & daughter "New Kittel" x p. "New Kittel", brother."Kittel" & "Super Inbred 996".

    orig. Team GPS.

    Winning bid: 620
    Highest offer: DARREN WRIGHT