Belgium Top Mix

Belgium Top Mix

Finished: 07-08-2022 14:00

For years, the Belgian pigeon has been at the forefront when it comes to interest from the Far East, many pigeons move annually from Belgium to many other countries.


In this auction a number of original pigeons from well-known Belgian top fanciers such as:
Rudi Diels, Stickers-Donckers, Velghe Dominique, Chris Debacker and Olympic Station from the best of Jos Thone. 

Average bid: 270

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  • Lot 01


    Geëindigd 07-08-2022 14:10

    Out: "Zoon Peet", ace pigeon HAVO Samenspel Beerse & father "Goudhaantje", 1st Olympiad speed x "09-894", kl.dtr. "Goldwin", Johan de Belser.

    orig. Rudi Diels.


    Winning bid: 160
    Highest offer: JNFSM
  • Lot 02


    Geëindigd 07-08-2022 14:20

    Out: "Brother 10-977", 1. Asd. Tienverbond JD Quievrain / Noyon x "12-157", 1.-3.-6.-8.-8.- 8.-9.-10.-10.-10 etc. cl.d. foundation mother: "Veel Vervoort". 

    orig. Stickers - Donckers

    Winning bid: 340
    Highest offer: Konic Loft
  • Lot 03


    Geëindigd 07-08-2022 14:10

    From: "Double Harry", double minor. "Harry", Jan Hooymans x "Rika", Rik Cools from "De Kleinen", Rik Cools 3. Prov. Ace KBDB, sire: 1. Nat.-Z.

    orig. Velghe Dominique.


    Winning bid: 360
    Highest offer: Peter David
  • Lot 04


    Geëindigd 07-08-2022 14:00

    Out: "Rudy Jr", out son x daughter "Rudy", Gaby Vandenabeele x "Zulia", sister "Germaine", "Gerarda", Walli", Kachtemke", many 1st prize winners.

    orig. Chris Debacker.

    克里斯.德巴克, 全平辈成绩:克莱蒙特7398羽36位,克莱蒙特3961羽34位,冯特内5521羽94位

    Winning bid: 420
    Highest offer: Peter David
  • Lot 05


    Geëindigd 07-08-2022 14:00

    Out: "Tulso 377", Jos Thone 1/2 brother "Tulso", 4.-2.824, 10 Nat. Issoudun '19 x "Kl.dtr. Dirty Harry", Jan Hooymans x "Sachi", 1. nat.-19.155, Jos Thone. 

    orig. Olympic Station.

    Winning bid: 160
    Highest offer: Peter David
  • Lot 06


    Geëindigd 07-08-2022 14:00

    From: Son "Prince Rudy", 1. Nat. Limoges & "Argentina", 6. Nat. KBDB x "062", grand daughter "Rudy", "New Mona", "Prince Rudy", "Argentina".

    orig. Olympic Station.

    Winning bid: 180
    Highest offer: Peter David