The Comb. Mantel Collection

The Comb. Mantel Collection


Finished: 19-03-2023 16:00

The pigeons are offered through a relationship of GPS, so not through the Comb. Coat !


Father Frits & son Wytse Mantel put an emphatic focus on International One Loft Races; put with that Frits and Wytse Mantel a few years ago their name definitively on the so-called card….


With the “Vardy”, self 1st NPO winner Issoudun 751 km, that quickly brought the necessary successes. Frits and Wytse had a top year in 2022, with three top 10 finishes in major One Loft Races.


Despite the fact that they participate in the races with a very small number of pigeons, they still manage to be at the top of the results. For years they have made a very strict selection to build their own stock of pigeons that are capable of this.


Thus won in 2022 “vardess”, daughter of “vardy”, the 3rd final Corabia Winter OLR. Child of "Jason", top breeder and inbred to “vardy”, won the 9th final & 4th ace pigeon Sofia OLR.


A grandchild of “vardy” with the name “Alexio” won the 7th final

Algarve Golden Race.


Read along with the TOP 20 NPO results (last 5 years)

1. NPO Blois
1. NPO Issoudun
2. NPO Laon
2. NPO St Quentin
3.NPO Sens
3.NPO Sens
4. NPO Nanteuil
4. NPO St. Quentin
4. NPO Argenton
4. NPO Blois
5. NPO Nanteuil
5. NPO Argenton
7.NPO Sens
7. NPO Pomeroeul
8.NPO Sens
8. NPO Chalons en Champagne
9.NPO Sens
9.NPO Souppes-sur-Loing
11. NPO Argenton
11. NPO St. Quentin
12. NPO Argenton
13. NPO Chateauroux
13. NPO Tours
13. NPO Orleans
15. NPO St Quentin
16. NPO Blois
16. NPO Tours
18. NPO Chateauroux
18. NPO Argenton


In this auction from many top pigeons direct children for sale and therefore a unique opportunity for you to acquire pigeons from this exclusive OLR loft.



“瓦尔迪” 的孙代,被命名为“亚利克西奥” 的鸽子获得了阿尔加维公棚赛决赛7位。

下面是入赏 20 NPO前20位的成绩 (5年内)
1位 NPO 布洛瓦
1位 NPO 伊苏顿
2位 NPO 劳恩
2位 NPO 圣昆汀
3位 NPO 桑斯
3位 NPO 桑斯
4位 NPO 南图
4位 NPO 圣昆汀
4位 NPO 亚精顿
4位 NPO 布洛瓦
5位 NPO 南图
5位 NPO 亚精顿
7位 NPO 桑斯
7位 NPO 波美如
8位 NPO 桑斯
8位 NPO 沙龙
9位 NPO 桑斯
9位 NPO 苏佩斯-速龙
11位 NPO 亚精顿
11位 NPO 圣昆汀
12位 NPO 亚精顿
13位 NPO 查特路
13位 NPO 图尔斯
13位 NPO 奥尔良
15位 NPO 圣昆汀
16位 NPO 布洛瓦
16位 NPO 图尔斯
18位 NPO 查特路
18位 NPO 亚精顿


Average bid: 272

Shows all 5 results

  • Lot 01


    Geëindigd 19-03-2023 16:10

    From: "Arthur", brother "Olympic Amador", 1. Olym. Pigeon, 7.-8.716p., 9.-6.888p., from "Marsman" & "Yolin", top couple x Lady Harry, from "Son Harry & Sister Harry" & daughter "Harry & Esmee".

    Orig. Comb. Coat.


    Winning bid: 240
    Highest offer: Gabor
  • Lot 02


    Geëindigd 19-03-2023 16:10

    From "The 002", father 1.-1.097p., son "Olympic Amador", 1. Olym. Pigeon, 7.-8.716p., 9.-6.888p. & "Sena", 1. Prov. Ace pigeon x "hilly", daughter "Brother Armani" & "Hilde", sister "Harry".

    Orig. Comb. Coat.

    曼特尔联合鸽舍.出自"奥林匹克阿玛多"直子X“NPO拉昂 10.550羽亚军”半姐妹

    Winning bid: 160
    Highest offer: Gabor
  • Lot 03


    Geëindigd 19-03-2023 16:00

    From: "Manolo", son "Royal Cape", father 1.-2.109p., 1.-1.483p., 1.-1.028p., out "Brother Armani & Olympic Cape" & dtr. "Harry" x "Camille", daughter "Olympic Amador" & "Miss Maggy".

    Orig. Comb. Coat.

    “451”,曼特尔联合鸽舍,出自“马诺洛”X "奥林匹克阿玛多"直女

    Winning bid: 180
    Highest offer: teamtaniaiceci
  • Lot 04


    Geëindigd 19-03-2023 16:10

    From: "Fortress", top breeder, son "Olympic Amador", 1. Olym. Pigeon & "Fortuna", 6x 1., 1.-3.413p., 1.-2.596p. X "pec-je", daughter "Brother Dali", father 1. Nat. Bourges 19.735p. & "Sister Porsche 344".

    Orig. Comb. Coat.

    “485” 曼特尔联合鸽舍,出自"奥林匹克阿玛多"直子X “保时捷911全姐妹”直女

    Winning bid: 600
    Highest offer: Sobti
  • Lot 05


    Geëindigd 19-03-2023 16:00

    From: "Dolce Gusto", gr.father 8.-11.595p., brother 1.-3.261p., son "Brother Dolce Vita" & "Olympic Cape" x "The 403", daughter "Galaxy", father 2.-32.917p. & "Ivory Lady", 1. Nat. ace pigeon.

    Orig. Comb. Coat.

    曼特尔联合鸽舍,出自‘美好古斯托’(作出孙代NPO尼格尼斯11.595羽8位)X “象牙女郎”直女

    Winning bid: 180
    Highest offer: Gabor