Chamber of Commerce number: 17165221

General Terms and Conditions GPS Auctions Platform
Scope of general terms and conditions
These general terms and conditions apply to all purchase agreements concluded by GPS Auctions on behalf of a seller of
one or meerother doves with the buyer thereof. These general terms and conditions also apply to all agreements
of contract that GPS Auctions enters into with the sellers of one of meerother pigeons.

By registering on the GPS Auctions website, you also agree to the validity of these general terms and conditions.
It is not possible to complete such registration without agreeing to the validity of these terms and conditions.

GPS Auctions website
GPS Auctions has carefully compiled the content and design of its website. In addition, GPS Auctions carries so many
to update, supplement and correct irregularities or irregularities as reasonably possible
to prevent inaccuracies. Despite the care that GPS Auctions takes, it is possible that this content is not current, or
contains irregularities or inaccuracies. GPS Auctions expressly disclaims any liability for any damage resulting from this
consequence or could be.

GPS Auctions is also not liable for the content and security of websites referred to on its website.
Users of the website of GPS Auctions are themselves liable for what they make use of this website -whether or not
authorized sending to other persons or entities. The information stated at the auctions comes from private sellers,
Breeding centers, intermediaries, intermediaries or contact persons of associations. These persons are themselves responsible for the correctness
and the completeness of this information. Should damage arise as a result of the information displayed due to incorrect
assuming that it is correct or complete, then the persons or entities that provide this information are incorrect or incomplete
have been responsible for this and not GPS Auctions.

If a user of the website logs in or registers and thus creates an account, he is responsible for its management
of its details, such as the username and password. This user must exercise due care and keep his password
to be kept secret from third parties. If third parties bid on auction objects via the username and password of the aforementioned user,
on the website of GPS Auctions and thereby win an auction, this user is obliged to pay the purchase amount,
as he is responsible for this. The user must then address the third party who has misused his data
to recover his damage.

GPS Auctions is in no way liable for the above-written use of the data of the user of the website, unless there is
is of gross negligence/carelessness on the part of GPS Auctions.

GPS Auctions may regularly send information relating to the relevant purchase or contract of assignment to the
send the e-mail address of the other party. The other party is obliged to send this mail to the e-mail address specified
as a contact address to regularly collect from GPS Auctions. If the other party has a new electronic contact address,
to adjust this yourself immediately. Is the other party negligent or otherwise in default in this transmission of contact information?
then this is entirely for his own account.

Auction regulations seller
In case pigeons are auctioned by GPS Auctions, the following should be done:
– Before an internet or room auction, the pedigrees must be available at the offices of GPS, by email or post.
– When the pedigrees are approved, a date for sale is agreed with the seller. Subsequently it is agreed
an appointment for taking pictures of the pigeons.
– During the shooting the pigeons are checked. By the seller needs a vaccination list to be delivered. Pigeons that a
have poor construction or health are refused by GPS Auctions. After the pigeons have been checked and photographed,
they are taken back by the seller.
– The seller is asked to submit a fully completed list with ring numbers / gender / color, in order to prevent inaccuracies
regarding genders and the like.
– Sellers are fully responsible for providing correct and complete information regarding the pigeons to be auctioned. Should there be any
damage arising as a result of incorrect or incomplete information provided by the seller, then the seller is liable for the damage
resulting from or could be wholly liable. In addition, all additional information about breeding or flight data must be provided digitally
to be delivered. This also applies to additional photo material.
– If the pigeons have been auctioned, they will be delivered by the seller to the offices of
GPS, in the unlikely event that this does not work, then in consultation with GPS.
– If at any time it appears that the pigeons offered for sale or the auctioned pigeons are not vaccinated or are not healthy, has
GPS Auctions reserves the right to void the sale. However, the seller is obliged to pay all costs incurred – both expenses and
brokerage fee to be paid to GPS Auctions. Should these pigeons cause damage due to their poor health
GPS Auctions or on behalf of third parties, the seller of these pigeons is liable for this consequential damage.

Auction regulations buyer
If an auction item has been purchased by a buyer, the following applies:
– An auction item is sold in the condition it is in at the time of purchase. If the buyer receives the auction object
supplied, it should be carefully examined for health. If there are problems, this must be reported to GPS Auctions within 3 weeks
are reported, as the auction objects are living beings whose condition is subject to change. Problems occurring later than 3
weeks to GPS Auctions, will not be meer taken into consideration are excluded from any reimbursement of the
damage by GPS Auctions. >> The above does not apply if the pigeons have been quarantined.
– if the buyer has won an auction because he has made the highest bid and the auction has been closed, it is mandatory
to proceed with the purchase of the auction object. However, the buyer only becomes the owner if the offered sales price is fully paid to GPS .
Auctions or has been paid to the seller. The payment term for this is 14 days.
– if for whatever reason the buyer does not decide to pay the purchase amount, he is fully responsible
for the damage suffered by the seller or GPS Auctions as a result. In that case, GPS Auctions is also entitled to
to sell to another on behalf of the seller
– the purchased auction objects are returned no later than 14 days after the purchase amount has been received by GPS Auctions or the seller,
transported to the buyer. This with the exception of countries to which quarantine periods apply.

Pedigrees pigeons
- GPS Auctions is not responsible for the content of the pedigrees. The seller must complete these pedigrees in good faith.

Storage & transport of pigeons
If GPS Auctions stores the pigeons or arranges for their transport to the buyer, the following applies. If
GPS Auctionsde pigeons stables then this takes place under the Dutch Storage Conditions, deposited by the FENEX (Dutch
Organization for Forwarding and Logistics) at the registry of the district court in Rotterdam on November 15, 1995. As GPS Auctions
the pigeons transports apply the AVC conditions version 2002 for domestic transport and the CMR conditions for international transport.

Change of general terms and conditions
These terms and conditions may be changed by GPS Auctions at any time. If this is the case then GPS Auctions
send the updated version of these general terms and conditions to the other party. Within a period of 21 days, the
the other party to respond whether these new general terms and conditions are accepted by him or whether he rejects them. In case no
response is given, this is considered an acceptance of the new general terms and conditions by the other party. In the case
of rejection, the agreement to which these general terms and conditions apply will be dissolved with immediate effect.
A written confirmation is given by GPS Auctions to the other party of this acceptance or rejection.