Every year there are various associations, playing together, departments and / or charities that sell his or her vouchers
at GPS-Auctions organizing and not without success we can say..... the average per voucher
continues to increase annually, that's why we now have a permanent group, who leave the ticket sales with us

What's possible?

– We can keep a pre-order for you, so the vouchers come on the internet, expire and you keep
afterwards, for example, a party afternoon and/or exhibition where a “final offer” can be given.
You will then receive the “highest bidder” on the internet from us in advance so that you can continue with this bid in the public auction.

– Only an online sale. We promote this in our newsletter, through our social media and of course
on our website.

What do you need to do to organize a coupon purchase?

- Send an e-mail to: [email protected] of [email protected]
– Please do this at least XNUMX weeks before the auction start.

What do we need?
– Logo of your association / organization or something similar.
– A short preface, containing; “Why” this sale, only a online auction or also a final auction after the online auctions, contact persons.
– Extra photos or pedigrees of donated pigeons.

Please submit all this at the latest: 2 weeks before the start of the sale.
In consultation, a voucher can always be added later.

What are the costs?
– You pay 7,50 euros per voucher (excl. VAT) and the number is unlimited.
– You pay this afterwards and you will receive an invoice in combination with the final list of buyers.